Let the Adventure Begin!

ImageAfter nearly a decade of home brewing, I jumped the pond and moved back to Scotland to earn my MSc in Brewing & Distilling, in hopes of fulfilling the dream to one day open my own establishment.  “Why Scotland?”, some of you may ask.   Well, quite frankly, in terms of sharpening my brewing skills as well as learning the artisanship of crafting a complex and drinkable Whisky, there isn’t a better place to be…except maybe Germany in terms of beer…but they’ve got nothing on the Scot’s for making delicious aqua vitae!

It’s been quite the adjustment moving back to campus–especially after working in Student Affairs for the last four years. My, let’s call it an “apartment” for fun, isn’t quite what I was expecting in terms of size, but it’s cozy in that cinder block, college dorm sort of way.  The rest of campus is absolutely amazing and Edinburgh is as spectacular as I had remembered.

Our first week of classes started slowly and easily, but have steadily progressed to near impossible as we’ve started to delve into calculating fluid dynamics using various algebraic formulas that have long since passed out of memory. Even with the challenges, the material has been fantastic, and I’m looking forward to what the year brings!

ImageTomorrow I’m off to my first University sponsored whisky tasting and next Wednesday we’re taking a day trip to several breweries around Edinburgh.  It’s a tough job having to go to all these tastings for class, but if I have to sacrifice a little now in order to be able to make better brew later, then so be it. 🙂

Until next time,

slàinte mhath!

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2 Responses to Let the Adventure Begin!

  1. Mick says:

    Thanks for sharing your blog. It will be fun to follow your adventure this coming year.

  2. MJ says:

    Hey John, It sounds like you are having quite the adventure! Thanks for letting us tag along on your experience! Love you, MJ

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